Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just the recent news... and an excerpt from Killian

So some of you know by now that I got laid off a few weeks ago.  It's been a scramble since.  Had a couple nice things happen, some of which I've posted about on Facebook, and one or two I haven't.  Had some not so nice things happen *glares out side at the snow and at the car* such as winter arrived all at once, and the car's starter decided to go out, along with the power steering pump issues I was already having...Why can't cars misbehave when you have the money to fix them?  I do still have a chance to transfer within my company, provided I can move, but they do not help with relocation costs, not even at management level. I am running out of time fast though, so I've been trying to raise money through a fund raiser site.  I'll post the link, so if you'd like to help, it will be easy for you to find.  Any help will be greatly appreciated...

In more exciting news, A Not-So-Straight Christmas is due out for re-release on Dec 19th, from Fireborn Publishing; Liam and Jareth's stories, Absentminded Astrophysicist and Loving the Astrophysicist will be out around the same time I believe, from Dreamspinner Press, in a single tome, we're still finalizing the title.  I'll let everybody know what it is as soon as I'm sure. :D  Whispers from a Hidden World: Killian should also be out very soon, but I don't have a release date yet.

For those wanting a taste of Killian, here's a short excerpt:

He stumbled down the stairs. "My Lady?" he called. From down the hall, Killian stepped out, a concerned look on his face.
"What's the matter?"
Shiloh grabbed Killian's arm, careful out of habit not to touch skin. "Please, you must understand something important, my Lady.”
"Come sit in the study and talk to me then,” Killian said, leading him to the study. "What's the matter?" he asked when he got Shiloh seated.
"I'm a very strong touch-sensitive, my Lady.” Killian nodded. That ability was almost universally common among Rimalians, in varying degrees. "I usually avoid touching anyone, I just don't want to know what they're thinking or feeling.” Again, Killian nodded, that too, was normal. A psionic society learned early, ways to observe each other's privacy. "I've touched Anan a couple of times, a few times by accident, once deliberately. Sometimes I pick up things I don't realize at the time, it's like my mind just files it away, unless something triggers the memory. I just remembered why you seemed familiar, when we've never met. I've seen your face in Anan's memories. She hates you, my Lady. You have to watch yourself with her. I'm just a means to an end, no importance, but she absolutely despises you.”
"Number one, Shiloh, you are important. Don't ever let anyone make you feel any different. Do you understand me?" Killian waited until Shiloh nodded, a little dazedly. "Second, I know Anan hates me, as much as I've hated her.” He sighed, apparently thinking. "Have you seen Anan's scars?"
"She was given fifty lashes, and fined reparations of seventy-five percent of her inheritance, for attempted rape.” Killian was quiet for a moment. "Of me.”

Shiloh sat there, stunned. And his mother had arranged for him to marry such a woman?!

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