Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Catching up, a bit of bad news, aaaannnndd....a CONTEST!

First some catching up...I'll post the links for The Healing of Idrys, and Two Silent Cries, and when I figure out how to get them on the side with the other three, I'll get them there too...



Nikki's Secret is on track to be re-released by Rooster and Pig Publishing in late November, for those of you who wanted to get it, and now can't find it.  Have no fear, it won't be forever, and I am expanding the story as we speak...have so far added more than 10k to her story... And Cody and Ritchie are adding their own views this time :)

I am also planning an otter-napping of Mistress Otter, otherwise known to her many fans as Princess SO for a blog post.  I just have to figure out how to torture her, showing her porn just gets her wound up, lol.

For those who may have missed it, here's the link for when she and Talon PS kidnapped ME....


That's the catching up news... now for a bit of bad news... Due to unforeseen circumstances, Adam: Tales From One World, to be released through Wilde City Press, has been pushed back a couple of months.  Don't worry though, it's coming, and as soon as I have a new release date, I'll let you guys know.

Now, for the FUN news...

Loving the Astrophysicist is coming Sept. 14th!!

Here's the link for the sequel to Absent-minded Astrophysicist, which include a short bonus story that introduces Princess, daughter of Empress.


That means contest time....*evil cackles* Now what shall I do in order to give some lucky person a chance of getting the book before Saturday?  Hmmm.....

I know!!! Trivia!!!

I'll choose a random winner for their own copy of Loving the Astrophysicist Thursday afternoon from those who can answer me these two questions, in honor of one of our favorite astrophysicist:

Where are the four most likely places in our solar system to harbor life, beside Earth?

What discovery led to the demotion of Pluto to dwarf planet?

That should have some of you having a grand time following tangents...

Leave your answers in the comments below, and I'll post both the winner and the answers on Thursday afternoon!


  1. Mars, Europa, Ganymede, and Enceladus may support life. Oh, and Earth.

    The discovery of Eris led to a reclassification of the term "planet" by the IEU in 2006. As Pluto does not meet the 3rd condition: It must have cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit. There is still debate about this as "by the terms of the new definition Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune, all of which share their orbits with asteroids, would be excluded" AND only 5% of astrologers voted for the change.

    Personally, I have always thought that Pluto was a binary with Charon, although, having heard about Eris, maybe it's a trinary system.

  2. Pluto was found to be just one of 70,000 similarly-sized objects in the Kuiper Belt, and it doesn't have enough gravitational pull to clear its orbit. Hence, not a planet!

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(dot)com