Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello there.... An introduction and free books!

Hiya, *waves* I finally have a blog, thanks to J.R. Loveless giving me a hand, and I can't thank her enough for the help.  I'm a technodufus you see....

So, here I am, and I write gay romance.  Once in awhile a bit of erotica attempts to creep in, just for giggles.  I have a series that I will be introducing you to... maybe through sneak peeks?  They are an interesting bunch, and their favorite thing to do is show up to pester me to write them when I have six other projects going on...and then just suddenly shut up when I have everything cleared up enough to pay proper attention to them.  Such contrary people, my Rimalians.  Just because they're aliens stuck on Earth doesn't mean they need to be such pitas...  Even if the inconsistencies of us humans drive them a little batty...

There will be random postings, adventures in writing and publishing, sneek peeks at my series and other writings, and regular pimping of my books.  Maybe I'll even be able to convince a few people to stop by and chat, yammer, rant and rave, or just plain be goofy.  Seriously, what's the point of being so terribly serious all the time?  Laughter is good for brain.  That said... rants may find their way into here on occasion, but I'll warn you so you can run the other way if you want.

For now, though, I'll leave you an excert from my next release, through Silver Publishing, A Not-So-Straight Christmas. It's available for pre-order now, and will be out on December 17th.  Clicking on the pics to the right will take you to the buy links.  I hope you enjoy!

In honor of my new blog, I will be picking two random winners from those who comment on this post for free books, one free copy of Love and Hate, or a copy of A Not-So-Straight Christmas, winner's choice.

Here's your excerpt. :)

Morgan Ventry sighed as he trudged in the freezing cold and snow, heading back to the lodge where he worked as a bartender. With the roads closing, the lodge owner, Sam Ackland, had come in to help close the place down and make sure his employees could make it home safely. Great idea, but Morgan's ancient car chose the worst time to break down.

Watching carefully to make sure he didn't lose sight of the lodge, which was barely visible through the thickening snow, he walked back along his tire tracks, hoping they didn't get filled in before he could get back into the lodge's parking lot. The place was empty, since Sam always took three weeks off around Christmas. Only the bar and grill were open, for the locals and passersby, and tonight only a few regulars who never cooked had been in, and had left early. Morgan didn't worry about it though; if he could make it back to the safety of the lodge, he had the keys to get in, since he generally locked up at closing time. If they were in for a bad one, Morgan could call Sam in the morning, letting him know he was stuck in the lodge. There was food, heat, and plumbing. Even if the power went out, Sam kept the fireplace in perfect condition, with plenty of firewood on hand, along with lots of food that didn't need cooking. There was even a pretty Christmas tree in the lobby, decked out in a mixed-up kind of bizarre finery from fine glass ornaments to cocktail napkins with vague drawings on them, compliments of the toddler son of one of the waitresses.

Bitterly cold winds sliced through him, making him shiver violently. He kept moving forward, knowing he couldn't stop. He made it to the turn of the lodge lot; he was almost there. In a storm like this, the below-freezing temps were more of a hazard than the snow. A few minutes later, he made it into the parking lot and found himself breathing a sigh of relief as he trudged through it and up the steps to the door. With the worsening snow, it had been a risk to leave the car, but with no heat, he still could have frozen to death before things cleared up enough for anybody, even the plows, to find him. Getting lost in the snow had been the lesser risk, especially since he could still see the lodge.

He fumbled to get his keys out of his pocket, and it took him a couple of minutes to actually get the key in the lock, he was shaking so badly. As he went to turn the knob, the door was yanked open and Sam stood there, wide-eyed, mouth open, looking shocked. Before Morgan could say anything or move, Sam grabbed him, dragged him inside, shut the door, and pushed Morgan over to the fireplace. Morgan was still shivering so badly he couldn't speak through his chattering teeth. Sam yanked off his thick cotton shirt and began peeling Morgan out of his clothes, muttering angrily.

"Jesus, Morgan, why the fuck'd'ya leave if you weren't getting far? All you had to do was do was tell me your car wouldn't make it." Sam paused in stripping Morgan, who was still shaking too violently to help get out of his wet, nearly frozen clothing. "Or did you go off the road? Was there an accident?"

Morgan managed to shake his head and stutter an answer. "N-No, car b-broke."


  1. Congratulations!!!! Great post and love the excerpt.

  2. Awesome Blog TN!!! Great Excerpt.

  3. WOOT WOOT! You're a blog super star now!

  4. A winter snowstorm story woo hooo ..Congrats on your blog TN

  5. LOL, I had fun putting it together, next time it will have to be when I am not at work and we can talk on Skype or the phone so I can get a clearer definition of what you want. Glad you like the blog! ^.^